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An international firm with presence in Mexico City is seeking for:




Location: Mexico City - Miguel Hidalgo

Reports to: Technical manager - with constantly communication with the sales team.



Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for technical support (technical consultation, certification, testing) and technical issues follow-up, summary records; good management of software.

  • Responsible for project version control table (device configuration information, FW/algorithm version, XFS version, software version) and software/XFS installation package output.

  • Responsible for project equipment Staging package testing, Staging package output and operation guidance documents.

  • Responsible for technical support and guidance of equipment front-line services, and summarize and compile problem-solving plan documents.

  • Responsible for equipment Staging, installation, Private Maintenance, maintenance and other services inspection and patrol work.


  • Age: 30-45 years old, Education: Bachelor degree or above.

  • Major: Computer, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Automation.

  • Experience: 3 years ATM/self-service equipment technical support/project management

  • experience, 2 years ATM/self-service equipment service experience (front-line technical support, equipment maintenance), familiar with ATM industry, understanding ATM application software and XFS, ATM equipment testing experience is preferred. Training experience: Trainer training, service system training is preferred.

  • Skills: Proficient in office software (Work, excel, PPT), familiar with computer operation, WINDOWS system, IT network configuration,

  • Quality Ability: Good image, strong language communication ability and practical ability, good self-learning/summary ability/team cooperation ability, and a certain sense of market.

  • Language: English.

  • Availability for travel.


$15,000 Monthly.

Cellphone allowance

Transportation ( in special cases: go home late, go to another country and etc).

Hiring by our client. 

Good Luck!


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