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An international firm with presence in Mexico City is seeking for:




Location: Mexico City - Miguel Hidalgo

Reports to: General Manager - Mexico City.

                      Operations Manager - China (headquarters).


Key Responsibilities:

1. Comprehensive Service Management with Local  Key Accounts/Customers.

  • General Responsible for the Service and Operation KPI

    • End to end operation coordination and service quality control, from the warehouse to the field installation and the further monthly maintenance services.

    • Daily service operation control to achieve the SLA ́s delivery;

    • Ensure proper service requirements information flow and its efficient processing among Customers, ASPs, local and China (Headquarter).

    • Periodical (weekly, monthly) reports for customers; Claim and clarification of customers reports;

  • Service Report Collection (from ASPs) and Delivery (to Customers), to support local  financial management;

  • Customers Services Contracts negotiation with proper business terms for local office.

  • Relationship Management: mostly with ASP’s and Customer ́s ATM Service and Operation Managers;

  • Performance analysis for both Products and Services Process. Customer Satisfaction KPI and Failure Rate Analysis,

    • Spare Part Analysis, etc. In-depth Cooperation with technical support team to manage the improvement.

2. Comprehensive Management with local ASP.

  • General Responsible for ASP’s coordination, ASP’s KPI and Service Performance.

  • Contract Management: Service Scope, SLA Definition, Service KPI, Security Control Process, Penalty Terms, etc.

  • Strategy Management of Service model, Long term cooperation strategies, System platform, Operations tools, etc.

  • Spare Part Management: Delivery, Collection, Replenishment, Reparing, Recording, Auditing, etc.

  • ASP Education and Improvement: Train-the-trainer program (ensure ASP’s trainers are properly skilled in local’s solutions), Regular supervisory and re-training process.


3. Comprehensive Management of local  ́s Service and Operation Team.

  • Team Recruitment, Team Building, Personnel Training.

  • Process and Regulation: Establishment, Improvement and Renewal.


  • At least 5 years working experience in IT Field Service Delivery position; Financial Market experience is preferable.

  • Proven experience in Partnership Alliance and Partnership Management is highly desirable;

  • Proven experience on managing team with 3+ different sections of job roles.

  • Proven experience on using multi-nation service management platform.

  • Capable for work under pressure and time-difference (China & Mexico)

  • Strong attitude on inner team management and strictly discipline.

  • Excellent communication and fine structural skills in Business Presentation, Management Meeting, Reporting.

  • Excellent communication skills in English (All the recruitment process is in english). 

  • Having car and driving license in Mexico City.


Attractive salary compensation. 

Hiring by our client. 

Good Luck!


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